AOA Course—Basic Principles of External Fixation for Orthopedic Clinical Officers

23/07/2024 to 24/07/2024

Region: ESA
Language: English

Contact person

Leonard Banza

Goal of the course

The AOA Course—Nonoperative Fracture Management is an instructional course with the objective to provide doctors and other health care workers with guidelines for basic nonoperative treatment of common fractures and to enable them to recognize those fractures that need operative treatment in a specialist unit.


Structure of the course

– Presentations

– Practical exercises

– Group discussions



This course will address:

– Fracture healing

– Fracture classification

– Treatment of shaft fractures

– Hands-on exercises


Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

– Describe and classify common fractures

– Describe the basic principles of fracture treatment

– Prepare and use the nonoperative methods of fracture treatment

– Anticipate potential pitfalls and complications in fracture care

– Identify fractures that would better be treated operatively

– Plan appropriate care for patients on nonoperative fracture treatment

– Formulate systems for maintaining safe standards of practice