13/07/2024 to 14/07/2024

Contact person

Do Phuoc Hung

Goal of the Seminar

The AOA Seminar—Pediatric Fracture Management is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and guidelines for basic treatment of the pediatric injuries according to the AO Principles and to enable participants to recognize that which need treatment in their set up and which to be referred to a higher center.


Target audience

This seminar is targeted to Trauma Surgeons interested in enriching knowledge and developing skills in pediatric injuries management.


Seminar description

This seminar will address:

  • AO principles of fracture management
  • Classification of the fractures of the pediatric region
  • Importance of soft tissue and neurovascular structures
  • Treatment of pediatric fractures and related other conditions
  • Complications with management in pediatric fractures
  • Small group discussion between faculty and participants to clarify understanding


Seminar objectives

By the end of the seminar participants will be able to:

  • Outline the importance of pediatric trauma care
  • Describe and classify common pediatric fractures
  • Outline the importance of careful handling of the soft tissues
  • Apply different reduction techniques for pediatric fractures
  • Apply operative techniques pediatric fracture fixations
  • Anticipate potential pitfalls and complications in pediatric fractures care
  • Identify pediatric fracture complications
  • Formulate systems for maintaining safe standards of practice
  • Use professional networks to share ideas, challenge poor practice and provide support
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